Expert tree care & removal

Tree pruning


Have us trim, shape, or just remove unwanted overhanging limbs.

Tree Removal


Although we love to save trees, not all trees are salvageable. That's where we come in and safely remove the tree and we guarantee to plant a new young tree at the appropriate time off year. If you don;t want one planted on your property, we will still have one planted in the forest through a national non-profit.

Tree and shrub fertilization


Sometimes ill looking trees and shrubs need a little boost to get back to its healthy looking state.  We use organic fertilizers and minerals to correct deficiency's in the soil. 

Tree and shrub spraying


Pest like insects and disease can cause havoc on your trees and shrubs. Managing  those pest with an IPM program can save the look and life of your plant. Have us take a look!   



Tree cabling  can be used to help repair shape, a damaged limb, or to strengthen a weak crotch rather then removing the damaged area which could ruin the shape and look of certain tree. 

Stump removal


After a tree is removed you are left with a stump. We can remove the stump by  either grinding or digging  it out.